Home Grown Goodness

Donna grew up in the rural parish of Portland, Jamaica, where she spent most of her days outdoors. The daughter of a residential contractor and a nurse anesthetist, they created a rich environment for her to learn and thrive in. Before she learned the term “permaculture” she lived it. The 10 acres was never considered a farm, but at any point in time it was home to 24 laying hens, 1200 broilers, 100 pigs, a couple of cats and dogs and a wide variety of perennial fruits and vegetables.

Growing up in rural Louisiana, Waylon’s family always had a backyard garden and sometimes animals. These were usually chickens and one or two pigs each year that were butchered for the family in the fall. When he was in high school, he joined the local 4-H chapter and began raising rabbits for show and for meat. There was always fresh, home grown food of some kind available through the year, even if it was something from the summer that his mom had canned

In 2015, fate would bring Waylon and Donna together, working for Campti Field of Dreams, a non-profit organization in Campti, LA. They built Tallawah Farm from the ground up, a 25-acre sustainable agriculture demonstration farm, where they taught people how to grow their own food using sustainable agricultural practices.  

In October 2019, they purchased a 14-acre homestead in Eros, LA and started DeLaTerre Permaculture Farm.  DeLaTerre is French for “of the earth”. They believe that by building the soil with natural, regenerative practices, the food grown in it becomes your natural pharmacy.  No chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are necessary to grow food that is wholesome, nutritious and just plain tastes good! Together, they want to grow food the way nature intended for north Louisiana.

Waylon Breax, Farm Manager
Donna Isaacs, Member Manager

Dedicated to Change

DeLaTerre Permaculture Farm uses appropriate technology to grow food the way nature intended while creating jobs that provide meaningful work and livable wages in rural Louisiana and provide a sustainable revenue stream for the farm.

Soil Health

Healthy food starts with healthy soil. Farming practices are based on Eliot Coleman’s plant positive approach, infused with JM Fortier’s intensive production strategies and bundled with Joel Salatin’s stacking of enterprises. Management-intensive rotational grazing, crop rotation, green manures, cover crops, and compost all work together to build and maintain healthy soils. We’re farming in a way that would make our parents and grandparents proud! Much of what they did was not reliant on chemical inputs, but rather used generational knowledge of natural systems.


Our farm fresh, organically grown, seasonal produce can be harvested from our farm and to your door in 48 hours.  The online store will be updated every Thursday and orders can be placed up until midnight Sunday.  The customer can choose from our listed delivery locations and times.


Our grass-fed, grass-finished livestock are humanely raised with antibiotics or growth hormones to produce meat that is old-school delicious, just like grandma remembers.


Cage-free chickens and ducks have access to diverse forage and vegetable waste from the garden.  This produces an egg that is lower in cholesterol and higher in nutritional value, but most importantly, just tastes better.